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  • Adult Lunch Club

    14 Lunches Per Month!
    Valid for one month
    • 12oz Fresh Pressed Juice + Main Meal + Dessert

Vegetarian or Gluten-Free?
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Meals = $9

Drinks = $5

Delivery! $4

Meal A 

Juice: Strawberry Banana Oatmilk Peanut Butter

Oatmeal: candied orange, citrus, almonds, honey

Scone: chocolate chip 

Meal B

Juice: Iced Blueberry Milk with local honey 

Salad: Broccolli, Greek Goddess dressing, roasted grapes, peaches, & apples 

Pastry: Brown Sugar Tart 

Meal C

Juice: Cucumbers, Coconut water, lemon & pineapple  

Wrap or Roll: Tofurkey club, vegan cheese, avocado, carrots, lettuce, tomato, Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Cookie: Oatmeal Cookie 

Meal D: 

Juice: Spinach, apple,  lemon, ginger, 

Cheeseboard: crostini, cheese, nuts, & fruit - weekly variety 

Bread: lemon pound cake 

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